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Developed by the Danish organization iNudgeyou, the BASIC framework is often used to better design and deliver policy outcomes.

The acronym goes as follows:

B: Behavioral mapping: collect data to define the problem and

the context shaping target behaviors;

A: Analysis: understand which psychological and cognitive factors

are leading people to behave in a certain way. This step of

is based on an ABCD framework that relates to some of

the main concepts of behavioral science.

A = attention: people's attention is limited and easily distracted

B = belief formation: people rely on mental shortcuts or

intuitive judgments and often over/underestimate outcomes

and probabilities

C = choice: people are influenced by the framing and the social

as well as the situational context of choices

D = determination: people's willpower is limited and subject to

psychological biases

S: Solution mapping: identify behaviorally informed strategies

based on the ABCD framework of the previous step.

1) Target Attention: by looking at such issues as timing,

placement, saliency, reminders, prompts and planning for

inattention through possible defaults;

2) Target Belief Formation: by guiding a search when information

is complex, making things intuitive by structuring information in

a way that's easy to understand, and leveraging social proof;

3) Target Choice: by making it attractive, framing prospects, and

making it social;

4) Target Determination: by making it easy for people to achieve a

goal (work with friction, provide plans and feedback, employ

commitment devices, leverage social norms);

I: Interventions: design experiments to test the effectiveness of the


C: Change: plan for implementation, scale, monitoring, evaluation,

maintenance and sharing results

Much of this information was found in the OECD's "The BASIC Toolkit: tools and ethics for applied behavioural insights".

For many more details and information about ethical considerations for applying behavioral insights, you can download the PDF here:


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