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I use behavioral design together with individuals, organizations, and communities.

behavioral insights


✓  Examine behavioral, social, cultural, and industry issues to understand the decision-making environment


✓  Conduct extensive literature reviews

✓  Perform qualitative research including survey construction (e.g., Mturk and Qualtrics), interview design, focus groups, and ethnographic research

✓  Support quantitative research, using experimental design such as A/B testing and RCTs

✓  Collect qualitative and quantitative data and assist in data analysis 

✓  Apply insights from the field of behavioral economics to design solutions for behavior change

✓  Synthesize results into written and oral presentations​​​

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marketing stratgy
marketing strategy

✓  Conduct user research, which may include interviews, focus groups, surveys and/or participatory design

 Create a complete journey map of the customer or user experience

  Make use of various evidence-based theories and frameworks to conduct a behavioral diagnosis and identify barriers or points of friction throughout the customer/user/patient journey

✓  Make recommendations based on behavioral science to remove barriers or simplify the decision-making process


✓  Increase motivation through the use of motivational psychology

✓  Produce behaviorally-informed communications in support of new or improved products/services

✓  Create website wireframes and design mockups

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Design support
behavior design


✓  Leverage behavioral science and motivational psychology to design behavior change solutions for a a positive social impact

✓  Follow a behavioral design approach in order to design creative strategies to drive behavior change

✓  Collaborate closely with hospitals, healthcare organizations, and communities to promote positive health behaviors

✓  Cooperate with educational institutions and schools to encourage best practices, cultural acceptance and positive, motivating learning environments

✓  Partner with communities to encourage environmentally sustainable behaviorspromote diversity, equity, and inclusion, and increase sense of belonging and community engagement

✓  Provide recommendations on how to create  communications for greater impact and effectiveness

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project management



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“Wouldn't economics make a lot more sense if it were based on how people actually behave, instead of how they should behave?”

Dan Ariely
Predictably Irrational

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